Many of the remedial actions we recommend to our clients are no-to-low cost and easy to implement.


The first step in becoming a more effective marketer is objectively assessing where you stand - how you stack up vs. your competition in search engine rank, visibility, communication effectiveness, consumer engagement, press coverage, web site traffic, trade show effectiveness and several other metrics. But most managers are too busy and close to the problems to take a step back and objectively score their marketing activities.

The CE Marketing Pros can do an objective $6,400 marketing audit for free

How it works

We start by signing a binding Non Disclosure Agreement to assure you that whatever we learn about your company will be held in absolute confidence. Next we ask you and your team to complete some questionnaires. We will follow that up with our own data mining and telephone interviews with company executives, select key personnel and a few dealers/distributors. After digesting the data for a couple of weeks we will present a report with scores and specific recommendations for remedial action.

Is the audit really free?

If within 60 days of receiving our report you hire us for any of our other services, valued at $5,000 or more, the audit and report are absolutely free. If you do not retain our services within 60 days we will bill you for $6,400 and suggest firms you should hire in lieu of CEMP to help you with plan execution. If you want us to conduct the interviews on-site (a highly desirable thing to do), we will do a one-day site visit for a flat $1,500 to cover travel expenses for any location in the continental US.

Will I be able to afford your remedies?

We know what you’re thinking because we have walked in your shoes. You worry that the report is going to recommend actions that are expensive in time and/or money that you don’t have in abundance. Many of the remedial actions we recommend to our clients are no-to-low cost and easy to implement.  We are big believers of fundamental blocking and tackling. Executing big expensive marketing/advertising campaigns ahead of doing the fundamentals is just plain dumb. We’d like to think we are not dumb.

A no-brainer

You’re not dumb either and you can see this offer is a no-brainer. You probably have questions about the details and we are happy to answer them.  Please call Paul DiComo at (410) 458-3176 or drop us an email