CMO Will Work for Food

Enjoy the benefits of our marketing expertise for a manageable cost

Since you don't know what kind of food we like, it's better if you just give us cash and then we'll exchange that for food, wine, concert tickets, etc. Better, no?

Seriously folks, the managing partners of CE Marketing Pros, Al Ballard and Paul DiComo, are available on an as-needed basis to help you grow your business. We're top level CE Marketers with the skills and long CE industry experience that can help rocket your business to the next level. You'd need to spend very big bucks to hire someone with our credentials as a full-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). But now you can reap the benefits of our marketing expertise and labor for a manageable cost.

What Does Our Time Cost?

         A Bargain at Twice the Price

10 man-hours*  $1,500
30 man-hours* $3,800




You can use the hours any way you wish - all at once or an hour at a time. Whenever you need to talk to us, we'll be there for you (within reason -  not when Breaking Bad is on TV). We can talk on the phone, trade emails, meet via WebEx or whatever works for you.

What We Can Do

You can call on us for anything you need from a marketing professional, including

  • Copywriting
  • Copy editing
  • Art direction
  • Product launch strategy
  • Market research
  • Distribution strategy 
  • Media buying
  • Collateral production
  • PR campaign planning
  • Product strategy
  • Trade show strategy and execution
  • And just plain thinking

If you can think of a marketing activity we can do it or manage it for you. Please don't take offense, but if you're a start-up or a smallish company we can do marketing better than you can. 

Call Paul (410) 458-3176 or drop us an email to learn all the details. 

*paid in advance