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You know that keeping in touch with your customers and business partners is vital. You know that mixing your commercial messages with content that informs, educates and entertains is the most effective tactic. You know that quality content can improve your site's search engine rank. But you don't have the time or staff to create it yourself.

We built CE Wire for you. Choose from among pre-written articles or commission custom content. Our staff of professional CE writers have just what you need. We also offer complete turnkey consumer outreach programs for particularly time-strapped marketers. Sign up as a Member so you can browse complete articles (visitors see only the synopsis). 

About CE Wire

CE Wire is a place where CE marketing and brand managers can find professionally written content to use in their consumer and dealer outreach messaging. It’s content that will make your readers look forward to receiving your emails, blog alerts and social media messaging. Here is why you need it…

Brands that Communicate Win

The most successful brands regularly keep in touch and stay top of mind with their customers (end-users and channel partners) via blogs, newsletters and social media. If you want to grow your business you need to do these things too – the right way. Nobody likes to feel like they’re being “sold to” but most brand-to-customer communication vehicles are purely propaganda—boring to everyone but you. People will read content that informs, educates and entertains. Mix in that sort of content and customers are more likely to read your promotional messages.

We Make it Easy for You       

If you’re like most brand managers, you know customer contact is important but you’re too busy putting out today’s fires to execute a customer outreach plan. Maybe you already have customer communications but they’re mostly propaganda that ends up in the digital waste basket.

The CE Marketing Pros have experience building communications that customers look forward to reading rather than deleting. And we can do it for you, easily, inexpensively with CE Wire. 

The Best Writers and Experts

We’ve assembled a dream team of the CE industry’s best writers who have created articles that your customers will find entertaining and informative – the kind of content that inspires more regular interaction with and enjoyment from their AV systems. And that is worth gold to you!

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Plans for Every Budget and Need

We offer everything from one-time article purchase to full turnkey programs to custom to-order content creation to meet every need.

Turnkey - Soup to Nuts

We can handle the whole program from the campaign manager set up, to list management, to custom propaganda content, engaging articles from the library, distribution and measurement of results. We can also set up brand pages on social media for you that tie in to your other communication media. Turnkey monthly newsletters start at only $198. More on the turnkey program

Buy Content

If you already have customer communication vehicles that need some sprucing up with compelling content, simply select and buy articles from the library. You can browse the library by subject category to find the content that best suits your needs.  You can buy non-exclusive use rights or spend a little more for a 12-month exclusive. Non-exclusive articles start at just $68. Register as a Visitor or Member to see the prices displayed next to each article synopsis. 

Custom Content

Looking for something really different that is customized specifically for your brand and products? No problem, our top-notch crew of professional writers will write content to your exact specifications. Contact us for details.  

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